Set of 2 Solar System and PREPOSITIONS Early Learning Educational Charts for Kids | 20"X30" inch |Non-Tearable and Waterproof | Double Sided Laminated | Perfect for Homeschooling, Kindergarten and Nursery Students

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Introducing Gowoo's set of 2 wall charts: "Solar System" and "Prepositions." These eye-catching and educational posters are designed to enhance learning and create a visually engaging environment. Measuring 20 inches by 30 inches, they are printed on high-quality paper and feature a hard lamination finish for durability.
The "Solar System" chart takes children on an exciting journey through our cosmic neighbourhood. With colorful illustrations and transparent labeling, it introduces the planets, their names, and their positions in the solar system. This chart sparks curiosity about space, fosters astronomical knowledge, and ignites a sense of wonder about the vast universe.
The "Prepositions" chart provides a comprehensive visual guide to understanding prepositions. It showcases common prepositions, such as "in," "on," "under," and "behind," with relatable illustrations that help children grasp their meanings. This chart aids in developing language skills, improving sentence construction, and enhancing spatial awareness.
Both posters are printed on high-quality paper and feature a hard lamination finish, ensuring they withstand frequent use. They make a stunning addition to any room, whether a classroom, bedroom, or play area. Decorate your space with Gowoo's captivating wall chart set and inspire learning in a fun and interactive way.

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