Set of 3 Flowers, Colours and Numbers 1-10 Early Learning Educational Charts for Kids | 20"X30" inch |Non-Tearable and Waterproof | Double Sided Laminated | Perfect for Homeschooling, Kindergarten and Nursery Students

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Introducing Gowoo's set of 3 wall posters: Flowers, Colours, and Numbers 1-10. These beautifully designed posters are perfect for room decor and educational purposes. Each sign measures 20*30 inches and is printed on high-quality paper with a hard lamination finish, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
The Flowers poster showcases a stunning collection of flowers, highlighting their vibrant colours and intricate details. It brings the beauty of nature into your space, creating a calming and visually appealing atmosphere.
The Colours poster features a captivating display of colours, from primary hues to secondary shades. It is a visual reference for learning and understanding colours, making it ideal for children and art enthusiasts.
The Numbers 1-10 poster introduces young learners to the world of numbers. Each number is illustrated with eye-catching visuals and accompanied by its numerical representation, helping children develop their counting and number recognition skills.
All three posters are designed with clear and easy-to-read fonts, making them suitable for educational settings. The high-quality printing ensures sharp and vibrant colours, while the hard lamination finish protects the posters from damage, making them ideal for long-term use.
Decorate your room with Gowoo's Flowers, Colours, and Numbers 1-10 chart designs and create an engaging and visually stimulating environment. Whether you want to enhance your space or facilitate learning, these posters are perfect.

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