Set of 6 Parts of the Body, Transport, MATHS KEYWORDS, MONTHS OF THE YEAR AND DAYS OF THE WEEK, DAILY ROUTINE and PHONICS - 1 Early Learning Educational Charts for Kids

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Introducing Gowoo's set of 6 captivating and educational wall posters: Parts of the Body, Transport, Maths Keywords, Months of the Year and Days of the Week, Daily Routine, and Phonics - 1. These high-quality posters, measuring 20*30 inches, are printed on durable paper with hard lamination, ensuring long-lasting beauty and resilience.
The Part of the Body poster is a comprehensive visual guide to the human body. It introduces children to different body parts and organs, promoting body awareness and vocabulary development.
The Transport poster showcases various modes of transportation, from cars and trains to planes and ships. It sparks children's imagination and helps them learn about different vehicles and their functions.
The Maths Keywords poster is a handy reference for essential math vocabulary. It includes keywords such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more, supporting mathematical understanding and problem-solving skills.
The Month of the Year and Days of the Week poster is a valuable resources for learning about the calendar and time. It introduces the months and days engagingly, promoting calendar literacy and time-related concepts.
The Daily Routine poster visualises a typical day's activities, helping children establish structure and routine. From waking up to going to bed, this poster teaches sequencing and time management skills while promoting independence and responsibility.
The Phonics - 1 poster introduces children to essential phonics concepts, such as letter sounds and basic word families. It supports early reading and phonemic awareness, laying a foundation for literacy skills.
All posters in this set are thoughtfully designed with engaging visuals and educational content, making learning exciting and interactive. They are perfect for decorating bedrooms, classrooms, or play areas, adding an educational touch to any space.
Gowoo is committed to providing high-quality educational resources that inspire learning and creativity. These wall posters are a testament to our dedication to creating visually stunning and educational products. Enhance your space and foster learning with Gowoo's Parts of the Body, Transport, Maths Keywords, Months of the Year and Days of the Week, Daily Routine, and Phonics - 1 wall posters.

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