Shree Ganesh (Hindi) : Religion Children Book by Dreamland Publications

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Book: Shree Ganesh (Hindi)
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Ganesha, who according to Hindu mythology is worshipped before important events and rituals, is considered the God of intellect, good luck, and prosperity. He is also believed to be the Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Beginnings. ‘Shree Ganesha’ is a story of Lord Ganesha, both in human form and when he bears the head of an elephant. Beautifully illustrated and retold in simple words, this storybook is a delight to read for any age group.•40 pages•Ideal for all age-groups•Easy-to-understand language•Amazing illustrations•Colourful coverStories of Ganesha teach us the importance of duty. His stories also teach that one must possess the strength to take the right decisions and act unemotionally to eliminate bad influences. This is a great book for the entire family to enjoy together.

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