Stacker cum Sorter

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Rs. 950


A stacking toy that also can be used as a shape and colour sorter, Woodbee's stacker cum sorter is a one toy with many benefits. 

The sorter has five different shapes in five different colours

  • Traingle
  • Square 
  • Pentagon
  • Rectangle 
  • Circle/round 

A Montessori material for early sorting, the stacker can be introduced as early as 8 months of age upto 3 years and beyond. The colourful shapes are chunky and can be easily stacked into the stalk with a circular base making it easy for baby to stacker. 


Take home advantages

  • Stacking- fine motor skills
  • Colour sorting - sensory activity 
  • Shape sorting- pincer grasp, early learning 
  • Problem solving 
  • Self correction 
  • Montessori aligned 
  • Pretend play 

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