STEM Activity Book - Engineering : Interactive & Activity Children Book By Dreamland Publications 9789387177970

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Engineering has been with us for centuries. Ancient engineers helped build the pyramids in Egypt and the Parthenon in Greece. Today’s engineers build tall skyscrapers. They can build something as wonderful as the International Space Station, and as small as a computer microchip. ‘STEM Activity Book – Engineering’ is designed to stimulate a child’s basic understanding of the subject with age-appropriate, enjoyable educational activities.

• Ideal for ages 6-12
• Paperback
• 64 pages
• Amazing illustrations
• A wonderful collection of educational activities

This book is a treasure house of activities that entertain as well as involves children in solving mazes, matching pairs, finding differences, and have fun with dot-to-dot and crosswords. Each activity of this book promotes brain development and learning skills.

Age Guidance:9-15

Product Dimension:28x22x0.4cm

Shipping Timeline: 2-3 Days


Country of Origin India

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