Chalk and Chuckles Stepping Stones, Active Movement Math Game

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Hop, jump or skip a step towards learning & fun! This kit with multiple gameplays and lots of activity ideas will get the kids going wild as they 'MOVE' while developing cognitive skills. Children today lead more and more sedentary lifestyles as they spend more time in front of screens. Active play is essential for health and can have a big impact on learning. Kids learn best when they combine mind & body.
So if you are looking for a game that lets children express their energy and play with friends or family or a fun way to sneak in some MATHS practice, Stepping Stones has you covered.

The game includes 12 Stepping stones (6 sets of 2), 45 Number cards, 3 Foam dice and Activity Guide. Non-skid foam mats for the children to jump on safely.
Ages 4+ and up, For 2 to 10 PLAYERS

HIGH ENERGY INTERACTIVE GAME- Jump from stone to stone in a race to cross the swamp. Roll the foam dice for the number of steps. Throw the mat far, jump on it and balance. Do NOT step on the floor!

BEST FAMILY GAME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS- Indoor or outdoor, play date, picnic, team building or a party! 2 players or 10? 5 yr old child or 30 yr adults? If you can jump, you will have a blast! Great gift!

LEARN MATH FAST- Practice early math concepts, number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction. Flip the cards for a fast paced animal life cycles table tongue game.

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS - Develops coordination and visual spatial skills- jumping, leaping, balancing and judging distance. Promotes decision making. 12 Non-skid mats for children to jump on safely.

TRUSTED BY PARENTS AND TEACHERS- Chalk and Chuckles educational games help families unplug and connect with each other- building character and values while learning.

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