Study table & chair

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Rs. 7,000


Toddler's study table and chair comes with five and three adjustable heights respectively. In addition the table also has angle inclination.  

This was designed to address the fast growing needs of the toddler at your home. 

It enhances the sense of freedom and independence of a toddler. It will be their own space for doing activities without any distraction and at a safe and comfortable space. The mild colours and wood texture will give a soothing feel for the toddler when he focuses on his work. It can also come handy as a dining table and chair for baby led weaning. This will be a transition from the high chair used for weaning. 

A painter may want it to be horizontal while a reader will prefer to have his books at an angle towards him in a comfortable position for him to read. We have enabled everything in one. 


Study table and chair is a good add on to a kid's room and it's spacious enough for the toddler to spread all his works. 

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