The Funny Mind Wooden 3D Nano Puzzle Board| 4.5” Mini Square Geometric Jigsaw Puzzle |Multicolor Tangram Building Blocks Educational Game for Montessori, Nursery and Pre Schools Kids and Toddlers

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All our products are hand-painted by in-house artisans with organic acrylic paints complying with ASTM certification. Thus all products are made of biodegradable composite wood complying with EPA-TSCA certification and hence are super safe for kids.

These Puzzles help you and your kids in many ways. It is great fun for family and school. This educational toy can also improve your child's imagination. The game can improve your child's eye-hand coordination and color & shape recognition. The game can help your child keep the blocks together on the board with a different solutions. It is a helpful tool to train your child's thinking ability and problem-solving skills. Meaningful break from today’s digital lifestyle. Helps to engage both sides of the brain Left brain (Logical) and the Right brain (Creative).

Box Content : Pack of 1 Nano Wooden Puzzle

Material : Wood

Age Guidance : 1- 8 years

Product Dimension : 12*12*1 cm

Package Dimension : 15*15*3 cm

Ships From Mohali Punjab

Country Of Origin India

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