The Funny Mind Wooden Multipurpose Doll Red Chalk Board With Stand, Chalk, and Duster For Kids, Toddlers, Infants, Desk, Kitchen, Dining Table, Side Table, Restaurant Ideal For Gifts, Learning, Doodle, Décor

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A Chalkboard for your lovely daughter where she can not only write and draw but can carry her with pride. A true friend for your lovely daughter. No doubt this pretty doll chalkboard will not replace the relation what a girl will be having with her parents but surely she will be sharing everything with this pretty doll. This innocent lovely doll will be her constant companion.

This beautifully crafted doll will not only act as a chalkboard where she can draw or write anything what she wants but at the same she will be carrying this along with her anywhere she goes. With varying color, you can choose the different frock colors too as per for your lovely princess. We have added heart-shaped fidgets for eyes to fiddle with beautiful braid of balls.

Box Content : Pack of 1 Doll Chalk Board

Material : Wood

Age Guidance : 1- 8 years

Product Dimension : 53*29*4

Package Dimension : 55*32*6

Ships From Mohali Punjab

Country Of Origin India

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