The Gobbi Mobile

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The Gobbi Mobile is the third mobile in the Visual Mobile Series. This can be introduced around 7 weeks and be used as long as the child shows interest. By this time, the baby’s visual sense has developed such that the baby can distinguish the shades and subtle variations in colour

The mobile consists of 5 spheres wrapped in gradations of the same color - ranging from dark to light. This mobile captures the baby’s attention – so simple, yet so captivating for the baby! The baby’s visual sense is at a key point of refinement, hence the gradation of colors to focus on.

This mobile helps the child work on their visual discrimination skills. The slight change in color is both intriguing and beautiful. The spheres gently move in the air, grabbing the attention of the child.

The mobile should be hung approximately 12" above the infant, and out of their reach.

This is a thoughtful developmental gift for your child, for expecting parents, for a baby shower or as a nursery decoration.


1.During its lifetime, a tree is subjected to many natural forces that cause variations in wood grain, color, knots, splits, and stains. These variations are not defects. They enhance the beauty of the wood and add to the characteristic of the handcrafted toys making each toy unique.
2. As with any baby toy or accessory, please use only under adult supervision.
3. Always inspect for damage prior to use.

This is made to order product and typically ships within 15 days


**Inspect the knots on mobile strings regularly, as they may become loose with regular use**

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Bengaluru, KA


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