ThinkerPlace STEM Educational DIY Home Automation Kit with Toolkit for 8+ years kids| Learning & Education Toys | STEM toys | DIY kit

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Educational STEM Do-It-Yourself kit for kids to build a Remote Controlled Light Switch using which any light can be turned ON or OFF using a remote. You can use it to automate any normal light at home which generally works on alternating current.

You get detailed easy to understand instruction & concept manuals explaining functions of all components and steps to assemble this DIY kit.

Educational STEM toy for 12+ year old kids. Give your child a headstart by making them understand How to think, Create and Implement educational concepts to build real life projects

STEM kits are effective aids to make kids learn by doing and getting them interested in science, maths, engineering and technology. Kids learn the concepts of electricity, energy as well as understand working of circuits, soldering gun, remote and more.

ThinkerPlace Tool Kit included: Solder Gun, Solder Stand, Solar Wire, Lid Cutter, Wire Striper, Screw Driver are required to assemble this robot. You will receive the Toolkit with the product.

Box Content : 1 DIY Kit, Toolkit, Online Instruction Manuals (Thinkerplace website), Safety Manual

Material : Plastic

Age Guidance : 12+ years

Product Dimension : 10x10x2 cm

Package Dimension : 25x20x6

Ships from Pune Maharashtra

Country Of Origin India

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