Thinkerplace Tool DIY kit | STEM Toy | Education Toy | Learning Toy | Age: 8+ years

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What You Learn? - How to perform soldering, How to use a cutter, How to use a wire striper, How to fix the screws, How to check electronic components, How to troubleshoot electronic components.

How It Works? - Having a soldering station in an electronic lab is absolutely necessary to build permanent circuits. Many electronic components do not come with header pins or breadboard-friendly pins attached. In such cases, you will need to perform the soldering process. Wire cutters are also an essential element in an electronic lab as it is used to cut the extra terminals of components after soldering. A wire stripper is an important element in an electronic lab.

Box Content : Solder Gun, Solder Stand, Solar Wire ,Lid Cutter, Wire Striper, Screw Driver, DIY Tool, Kit Instruction Manuals on LMS, Safety Manual

Material : Plastic

Age Guidance : 12+ years

Product Dimension : 20x10x5 cm

Package Dimension : 25x20x6 cm

Ships from Pune Maharashtra

Country Of Origin India

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