Tidy Up - Preschooler, Sorting and Organising Activity Game

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Wouldn't you be thrilled at the prospect of your child cleaning up on their own? Tidy Up from Chalk and Chuckles promotes cleaning and organizational skills for building life skills. Teach your kids tidying up and sorting at a young age while promoting varied skills for their overall development.

Suitable for children between 3 to 5 years of age, our game is about fun, learning and interaction. The game consists of a beautifully illustrated 3D house with 2 walls, 1-floor base, 2 wooden mice, 24 tokens, and a coloured dice. 

BOREDOM BUSTER- Fun screen free activity for little ones with no reading. Introduce board games and family game time. Join the Rats in their 3D house for colour matching and sorting.
PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD IN MIND - Both a competitive and a cooperative game play- Adaptable for learners of all ability levels. Small children first explore free play and later learn to play with rules.
LIFE SKILLS- Helps in discussing the importance of cleaning up with your kids. They'll learn to take responsibility and be more helpful-even pick up their toys after playing.
ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL - Develops fine motor skills, social skills, logical and critical thinking, hand eye coordination, speech and language, vocabulary and object recognition.
PERFECT GIFT- We take pride in helping families connect with children- building values while learning. Chalk and Chuckles games and toys are trusted by parents, teachers and therapists in 20 countries (incl USA, Europe).

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