Time Story - An Interactive Comic and Activity Book to Teach Kids the Value of Time

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Time Story is a comic and activity book, which will take your children on a journey of time and help them learn concepts, habits and values relating to time in a simpler and fun way.

Through the real-life story and associated interactive activities, kids will learn the following:

Time management by developing the habit of doing things on time and not procrastinating on every task The value of their own and others time and staying happy all the time  Various time concepts – different ways of telling time (Digital/Analogue/Roman clocks, shadows and sundials), time zones (Latitude, Longitude, time difference between countries), AM/PM times and the variations in day and night across seasons, sleep-wake times of birds and animals and more Time-related maths in an easier way

Age Guidance : 6 to 10 years

Ships from : Gurugram 

Country of Origin : India

Product Dimension (cms) : 21*29.7 cms

Package dimension: 21*29.7 cms

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