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Who doesn’t like pizza? Get ready to experience an extremely fun family time with this easy to learn yet very challenging “ TOP UP YOUR PIZZA” game. All you have to do is top your pizza slices with matching toppings and score maximum points ! But don’t be carried away by the cuteness, this game will have you on your toes throughout while improving your strategic,problem solving and observation skills.

Separate all the 4 toppings and keep it in different piles

Shuffle all the pizza slices and keep it faced down in a pile.Each player will pick up one slice from the top of the pile to begin the game

Open up top 3 pizza slices and keep it in middle of all players

To score the maximum number of points by topping up your pizza slices with the matching toppings.

120 Toppings tokens
64 Pizza slices

How to play:
The youngest player starts the game
At the start the first player can either:
Take one of the 3 open pizza slices and keep it or
Take any 2 of different toppings or 3 of the same toppings. After taking the toppings the player can fill up the matching topping on a slice and keep the rest aside for other slices
If the player picks up a pizza slice ,a new pizza slice is opened from the top of the pile in the middle(Anytime during the game total 3 pizza slices should be open at all times)
Then the turn is passed onto the next player
Whenever a player completes a slice by topping it up with the matching toppings , he/she scores the points mentioned on the slice and also takes the number of bonus toppings mentioned on the slice immediately
Like this in every turn all players will either take a pizza slice or toppings and try to complete a full pizza with the matching toppings , to score maximum points
The game ends when anyone of the player completes his/her pizza ( 6 slices) by topping up all 6 slices with matching toppings.
After the game ends the players will add the number of points scored.

Add the number of points mentioned on the top of each pizza slice you completed (no points for incomplete slices)
The player who completed a whole pizza of 6 slices will be awarded with 15 bonus points.

The player with the maximum number of points wins the game.

Content : 120 Toppings tokens
64 Pizza slices

Age Guidance : 5+
Product Dimension : 36/25/6
Package Dimension : 36/25/6
Ships from HYDERABAD
Country Of Origin India

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