Tortoise Gear Toy

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Gear toys are one of the most basic and creatively satisfying toys for kids. It is also a great educational tool for babies and toddlers.

The challenge here is to arrange the cogs together to make it move in unison. This improves critical thinking and coordination, and focuses on building fine and gross motor skills, whilst benefiting many other aspects of their overall development.

Since the gears can be removed and re-arranged, this game encourages your little one to move and arrange the gears in multiple ways which helps to promote spatial awareness along with cause and effect from a young age.

A great STEM toy that helps hands-on learning and promotes creative problem solving. Most of all, it provides complete freedom for the child to experiment with what they create.

The brightly coloured design is sure to make this appealing to kids 3 years and up.
Made with eco-friendly materials and with non-toxic, baby safe ink.


Proudly Made in India with eco-friendly materials and with non-toxic, baby safe ink.

Ships from Bengaluru. Expect delays in shipping due to lockdown restrictions.

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