TRACING BOARD Capital Cursive Alphabet

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In The Montessori Education Method, which is thousands of children easily master the writing of letters and numbers with its efficient learning methods. Younger children can simply use a finger to begin learning how to trace the letters, while children who are ready for writing can use the included wooden stylus to develop the hand and finger strength required for a proper pencil grip. your children can not only learn the writing of letters & numbers, but also master the writing and cognition. Our products are definitely your first choice with value for money. In Material This product is made of natural MDF wood Board and has no paint design. It rejects harmful chemicals and protects the earth. learning trace boards for Basic Hand Move Practice are a great educational learning tool for your child to learn writing, and learn their capital alphabet! They are light weight, so your child can carry them around anywhere they go with no trouble. Made from Solid MDF Board so they are sturdy and will hold up to being dropped, stepped on. Purpose is To learn how to hold Pencil and move Hand, learn & improve their pattern, and shape recognition, Builds their confidence and thinking skills too.

Material : MDF
Age Guidance : 2 years and above
Product Dimension : 38x22.86x0.6cm
Ships From Ahmednagar Maharashtra
Country Of Origin India

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