Tractor with Trolley Pull Back Toy for Kids

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Pull back Tractor with Trolley, no battery no remote, miniature scaled models assorted the all time favourite, tractor is an evergreen field vehicle. Carefully crafted with proper exhaust, big wheel base and authentic rubber tyres, this gives a good idea of a real tractor. Pull-back toy - these use a specialized gear box. The spring in the gear box gets wound when the toy is pulled back When the toy is released, the spring unwinds there by providing the necessary action. The winding of the springs can be done in various methods, depending on the desired result. No remote, no battery, non toxic.

Age Guidance : 3YEARS+
Material : Plastic
Content : 1 Tractor with Trolley
Product Dimension : 23.9X10.3X9 cm
Ships From Mumbai
Country Of Origin India

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