TRANSPORT BIG BOX | Ages 2 - 3.5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book

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Title: TRANSPORT BIG BOX | Ages 2 - 3.5 | 6 activities + 1 Story book
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Let your child enjoy this immersive experience of learning about the moving world with vehicles like ‘Train’, ‘Car’, ‘Airplane’, ‘Cargo Ship’, & ‘Emergency Vehicles’ through playful activities, fiction and creative art & craft work in your company.

The Volume 1 of Transport-Theme consists of well-paced, comprehensive, age-appropriate activities that will engage parents and children playfully, explaining the physical parts, facts, and importance of each mode of transportation in a step-by-step manner.

Key Features

- The Transport Theme Box Activities introduce the dynamics of flying an airplane, passenger trains & their compartments, the purpose of emergency vehicles like fire engines and helicopters and the process of loading goods in a cargo ship

- The concept of numeracy, shapes and sequencing is explored through Simulation Game with toy cars that help to enhance spatial awareness,

-  DIY “Airplane” Crafts helps in fine motor skill development and fostering creativity, and Bingo & Puzzles aiding in problem-solving, visual discrimination skills & critical thinking.

- Reusable and repeatable to keep your little one busy

- Vocabulary Building & Language Development is a by-product of all the activities and storybooks specially curated for maximum retention and learning

Materials used: Combination of paper, wood, cardboard & paints

Product Dimensions: 33*25*8.8cm

Box Contents - Kappa Board Activities- 6, Ice Cream Sticks, Paint, Plastic Mat, Wooden Peg, Fevicol, Sponge, Wooden Car, Plastic bags, Book, Instruction manual

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