Trapeze bar

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Trapeze Bars ❤️

Hanging from the rings will strengthen core muscles including the vertebral column and arm muscles. Trapeze bars also help in achieving and important gross motor skills like walking and running.

Improving hand grip and the opportunity for free play, this trapeze bar has what we call it versatility. It finds a place from being a play toy to an exercise prop for very young children whose exposure to parks and swings have reduced substantially since the pandemic and in general, urbanization.

Milestone meter: 

Strengthens core muscles 

Improves hand grip 

Stimulates spinal control(walking and running) 

Children's free play will help in exercise endurance and to overcome fear


Age recommendation: 2 years and above 

Weight bearing capacity: 100kgs 

Made of sturdy beech wood and compliant industrial grade ropes 

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