Wisdom Tree 6

Rs. 150



The Wisdom Tree', a series of nine (9) books on General Knowledge from Primer to class VIII has been designed according to the needs of the subject. The content of each book is not a mere compilation of facts. It imparts information in the form of a variety of exercises in order to make the subject more interactive, interesting and student-friendly. Salient Features of the Series: Unit-wise graded content with relevant topics. Latest information and facts. Quizzes, Crosswords, Word-searches with contextual information. Know More - Additional facts. Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) - Brainteasers I Reasoning pages to think creatively, critically, logically and analytically. Learn with Fun - Activity pages to let the learners know by doing themselves. Test Yourself-Test Papers for continuous evaluation. Current Affairs Booklet- Question-Answers on current topics.

Binding : Paperback

Age Guidance : 4+ years

Product Dimension : 17.5x30x12cm

Ships from Noida-UP

Country of Origin India

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