From the day we break the good news of bringing in a new member in the family, till almost the end of our lifetime all we hear is tips for mothers about how to parent their child at different stages of their life. Today, we will discuss about a topic which is not much talked about – Fathering a Child.

Like a Mother, a Father too plays an equally important role in the development of a child. With today’s families becoming more diverse from single parents to same gender parents, the societal changes are causing shifts in both maternal and paternal roles. As the number of women working outside homes is increasing, it has become very important for fathers to be equally involved in the growth of the child and building their confidence & self-esteem. 

Today, a father-daughter relationship or a father-son relationship is much different from the earlier times. This change in the parenting style has given the modern men more options to respond to obligations as fathers, husbands or partners. Men no more rely on their childhood experiences for tips on fatherhood. They believe that being warm, affectionate, loving, nurturing and accepting fathers help promote confidence in kids.

Being an engaging, fun loving supportive father may sound to be a tough role, but we must remember that every child comes into the world ready to connect to both the parents. So, don’t worry... we are here to help ☺

LIGHTEN UP: DON’T TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY - It’s easy to get caught up in your own importance, taking yourself and your work too seriously. For many, a bad day at work means distracted experiences when they’re with their families. Be present in mind as well as in body when you’re with your kids. The most important lesson that we forget as we grow into adults is taught to us again by our kids – LIVE IN THE PRESENT. It’s advisable to follow and practise this learning. Also, realise that PLAY IS THE LANGUAGE OF CHILDHOOD: it’s the way children explore the world; it’s how they build relationships with others. The more you play with your child, the more skills they will learn and be ready for what the future holds for them.

YOU ARE YOUR KID’S ROLE MODEL – Fathers teach kids important lessons of life by demonstrating honesty, humility and responsibility. A child with a loving father grows realising that they deserve to be treated with respect and demonstrate humility and responsibility. It is important to realise that you are setting an example with whatever you do. So whatever spare time you get, try to spend it with your little one, play their favourite games, hug them, be polite, compassionate and respectful to your partner. Kids will pick values from this behaviour and teaching them moral values separately will not be needed. 

DISCIPLINE AND BE TOUGH BUT WITH LOVE – It is important for kids to realise and face consequences of their wrong doings. Using everyday experiences will make it easy for you to teach and for your child learn the rights and wrongs in life. Teaching your child discipline will demand you to be tough as well as loving. Kids brought up with this kind of emotional involvement are less likely to have behavioural challenges. Put in the habit of eating meals together. This will teach your kid the importance of being bonded to family. It will also help you get time to listen to your child. This improve your communication with your little one and slowly without even realizing discussions on difficult topics will get easier as they grow.

Being involved with your child at a very early age sends an emphatic message to your child. Playing with them is the most beneficial. 

Pic credit: Photo by Pixabay

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