Indian Entrepreneur Discovery Series : Raising Environmentally-aware Kids with LitJoys

Here's presenting LitJoys, that is creating games to engage young kids and at the same time inculcate good values and enviromental consciousness early in life.

Ekta Ohri is the founder of LitJoys and author of two children's books. Let's hear from her on story and ideology behind LitJoys.


Tell us a bit about LitJoys. How did it come to be?

I quit my consulting job in 2016 and founded LitJoys in early 2017. As an architect and anthropologist and a mother of a 2.5 year old boy, I was greatly moved by how addiction to screens, plastic toys and junk food are impacting child development and social behaviour. I also wanted to build a love for reading in them from an early age.

Tell about the ideology behind LitJoys range of products

Over time, the brand ideology and learning products have evolved to connect children (3-10 yrs) to nature and nurture them to become more observant, compassionate, healthier and happier human beings. Instead of focusing on short-term learning, they aim to build long lasting habits and values in children that will lead them to a brighter and happier future.

LitJoys launches only selective products every year as the team spends months to conceptualise an idea, research, design and test products based on deep understanding of child and parent psychology and behaviours. The intent behind every product is to create maximum value by nurturing the joy of learning in children, making parents’ lives easier and the world a better place. 

Any words to add about JoGenii?

LitJoys is happy to be a part of the Jo Genii family as they also focus on curating educational learning products for parents to engage their children offline.
Check LitJoys's entire range of products on JoGenii:
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