Discovery Series : Going Back to Our Roots with Traditional Indian Toys

Today we are bringing to you an authentic Indian toy brand whose products gives you a shot of nostalgia. From lattu, gilli danda, brass kitchen play sets to ancient Indian games like shatranj (Chess), Pachisi, toys and games from Desi Toys will surely bring a smile to your face as you reminisce precious childhood memories.

Here's a snippet of a small chit-chat with Desi Toys' founder Swapna Wagh.


Tell us a bit about Desi Toys. How did it come to be?

'Desi Toys' brand offers Timeless, Iconic, Skill enhancing  Indian toys and games for today’s tech savvy generation, all made in India with a touch of Indian art and culture in every product which makes our offering very unique. We are not just reviving the Indian toys and games but also constantly innovating new products around our theme keeping the nostalgic factor alive which makes our products stand out. 

A child with a gulel

I realized that the Indian traditional toys and games have taken a backseat with introduction of various modern visual games and toxic toys. Kids today are  glued to  their PSP/Ipad/Mobile/TV  affecting their social skills as there is no one to play with them considering nuclear family & single child staying in surplus society.  Rising obesity and health issues are other problems associated with  excessive use of gadgets. On the other hand, traditional toys and games were not just games but they were designed in such a way that one could develop  skills like logical thinking, strategy, concentration, mathematics, develop sensory skills and lot more. These games acted as great learning aids for the overall development of the child.  This is the need gap addressed by 'Desi Toys'

Tell us a bit about the ideology behind the range of products you have.

When we started we were clear that since we are selling Indian toys, we will make them entirely in India  to ensure we have a touch of Indian art/culture/nostalgic flavour using Indian artisans. We have spent a great deal of time and resources ensuring all our products are not just fun toys  but also durable, safe & skill enhancing. We believe in sustainability and hence you will not find a single plastic toy in our offering. With so much of emphasis on ‘Being Indian, Buying Indian Products’ wave now clubbed with 'Atmanirbharta', we have seen the demand for our Indian toys and Games growing.

What do you like about being a part of the JoGenii family?

JoGenii promotes the best toy brands in India with a common goal to provide only the best for the child growth and development. The founders are parents themselves who can very well relate to the fun and skill enhancing aspect of the products offered by their brand partners. We are so glad to be a part of this wonderful family.

Check Desi Toys' colelction of traditional Indian toys here:

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